Vision, Mission and Objectives


To build knowledge based society through the implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


To make high speed network connection with Global Research and Education(R&E) communities and create a nationwide R&E network.


  • Establish high speed dedicated research and education network for the development of national computational grid focusing for research and education.
  • Begin connectivity among universities, colleges and research institutions for the sharing of knowledge and information and develop nationwide advanced R&E network.
  • Use Asia Pacific Advanced Network(APAN) network as a primary ICT infrastructure to initiate advanced research in the countries.
  • Establish NREN as a knowledge center to support good ICT initiatives.
  • Promote advanced research in networking technology by deploying high broad band performances.
  • Play as facilitator for the development of an advanced networking environment among research and education (R&E) communities in the Asia Pacific Region through APAN.
  • Provide access to have-nots, includes content development, infrastructure support as well as connectivity for knowledge and information.
  • Deployment of the new innovative technology towards measuring emergent issues of global community.

Dedicated to connecting Nepal with global R&E networks