What is REN

1. What is Research and Education Network?

  • A high speed communication network operated by the research and education communities for the sake of sharing knowledge, information and the resources among the communities.

2. Why REN?

  • REN ensures the high speed communication among the academic communities offering various contents and the application with the investment of minimum resources as well as the fastest way to access global universities/research databases. It offers the best opportunity to work with academic communities.

3. Who manage REN?

  • In most of the cases, it is operated by not for profit organization getting funding from the government. In the context of Nepal, it is solely operated by not for profit organization without funding of the government.

4. What are the difference between ISP and REN?

  • The major difference is in terms of profit making and the application. REN ensures dedicated high speed connection and run application for the academic communities. ISP is responsible to provide internet traffics and operate for the motive of profit.

5. May we get Internet through REN?

  • In the context of Nepal, separate connection is needed to connect with Internet.

6. Who are the major beneficiaries of REN?

  • Academic communities who needed high bandwidth for data sharing for education and research purposes, such as universities, colleges, research institution, libraries, hospitals, INGOs, NGOs , government organization etc, are the major beneficiaries of REN.

7. What are the financial aspects of REN?

  • REN is operated by the common efforts of its members and is sustained through the membership fees. As a sector of the public as well as academic interest, Government is involved for its sustainability.

8. How Nepal is connected with global REN?

  • We have succeeded to bring REN in Nepal by the financial support of European Union and the in-kind support of Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC). Nepal is connected with global REN through third generation Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN3) project supported by EU.

Dedicated to connecting Nepal with global R&E networks