Who are eligible to connect with NREN?

14. Who are eligible to connect with NREN?

  • The connection is open to all Universities, Colleges, Research Institution, Hospitals, Government agency, Libraries. The connection is only allowed for the organization not for individual.

15. What preparedness should be done before connecting with NREN?

  • Fiber connectivity up to the premises, arrangement of router, switch and the allocation of the budget are the essential preparedness should be done before connecting with NREN

16. May we get the access of world renowned research agency through the connection with NREN?

  • Yes, you will get the high speed access with renowned research agency of the globe e.g. NASA, CERN, and applications run by the academic communities.

17. How much cost should be allocated to connect with NREN?

  • It depends on your network infrastructure. Fiber, Router and Switch are the major necessaries to connect this network up to your institution. Besides that you have to pay monthly membership fees listed by the organization.

18. May we get the infrastructure support from NREN?

  • Yes, NREN have got some donational equipment, i.e. Network switches and Router. NREN will hand over these equipments to build the network infrastructure for its members.

19. Which kind of communities we can access when we connected with NREN?

  • As relate to the global context, you will get the access with Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN), Internet2(USA) , Third Generation Trans -Eurasia Information Network (TEIN3), Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives (AI3)/ School of Internet Asia (SOI) project communities. And in the national context you have the direct access with all the members of NREN.

20. How do I contact you?

  • Kindly refer to the ‘Contact Us’ on the top menu.

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