Nepal COVID-19 Surveillance System and Self Assessment App

In order to fight against COVID-19, we have launched COVID-19 surveillance system and Self-Assessment App for Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC). The Self-Assessment App can also be used by people outside of KMC. The system was developed jointly by NREN, Insol, iClick, PHECT-Nepal, NADEM, IDS, and ICT4D.

COVID-19 Surveillance System is an Information Technology based system that provides self-assessment tool to know the likelihood of corona infection to a person. The system suggests a person for self-quarantine and asks for updating their health status continuously for 14 days. The system provides a dashboard for health workers to monitor the health status of each person under self-quarantine. The GIS-based mapping capacity of the system will help service providers to track the person in quarantine, delivering service at door to the person and location-based strategic planning and making decisions to address the issues.

You can download the COVID-19 Surveillance System here.

NREN website (Android Version):
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