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R&E networks are high-speed data-communications networks that are independent of the commercial Internet and are dedicated to meeting the needs of the academic and research communities. They allow researchers, teachers and students to share information electronically in a reliable and timely fashion and to work together effectively.

Why connect?

• Connecting to NREN gives you access to the high capacity and high performance afforded by Nepal’s only dedicated national and international network for research, education and training.

• On a cost/performance basis, NREN is the best value for money for research and education. We focus on creating long-term, sustainable, sector-owned infrastructure and can provide our members a  high-bandwidth and quality services at low cost.

•  Members can also utilize NREN’s range of services, including collaboration services such as high-definition video conferencing services, file transfer and storage services, mobility services such as eduroam, and advanced network services such as virtual private networks.

• NREN is committed to advancing excellence in Nepalese research and education and supports our members by developing communities of practice around our range of services.

• NREN links universities, research institutions, schools, hospitals and museums. This allows each institution to benefit from each other such as sharing services and applications, working collaboratively on projects of national interest and concern.

• NRENs join together to form regional R&E networks, greatly enhancing the opportunities for working together on health, climate or environmental issues of concern. There are different regional R&E networks covering most of the globe.

• R&E networks are connected together to create new opportunities for large-scale and collaborative global research. Access to the global R&E network allows any student or researcher to connect to and work with any other, wherever they are in the world.

• NREN network is hundreds of times faster than a standard Internet connection, allowing seamless two-way interaction and almost instantaneous sharing of data over long distance. Members pay a fixed charge for unlimited, unadulterated broadband connectivity.

• Access to our network reduces friction for users, freeing up researchers, educators and innovators to do what they do best: research, educate and innovate.

Who uses R&E networks?

R&E networks are primarily designed to meet the needs of researchers, academics, teachers and students who need to share information and facilities. Each country decides which groups will benefit from its national R&E network, and many choose to extend connectivity and services to libraries, hospitals, laboratories and government organizations to enable tele-medicine and other interactive online services.

Who is eligible to connect?

The connection is open to universities, colleges, research institutions, hospitals, government departments, libraries and other research-based organizations those are willing to connect with national and global REN communities through us.