Providing REN Connectivity

Research and Education Network (REN) connectivity is a primary task of all the national research and education network operating around the world. As a national research and education network of Nepal, we connect Nepalese research and education communities and provide access to national, regional and global research and education network communities through a dedicated high-speed network connectivity and infrastructure. REN is developed to accommodate vast amounts of data required to transfer by students, researchers and educational institutions, and to accelerate the development of research and education. The users connected with REN can transfer/receive a huge amount of data to their another counterpart connected with a similar network instantly from any NREN connected Nepalese university and colleges. To learn more about the REN and its benefit, Please visit Global and Regional REN

NREN is connected with Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN) that brings the academic and research network of Europe, America, and Asia into Nepal. All the NREN members have access to TEIN network since its connection in 2010. At current, we have 45 Mbps R&E connection with international R&E institutions, which will be upgraded soon. We are continuously working to connect more number of Nepalese research and education communities in NREN network.