Who We Are?


Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN) is a non-profit organization registered under Nepal Government and affiliated with Social Welfare Council. This is a member-based institution working to build nationwide research and education network and aims to reduce research backwardness via the connection with global research and education network. It facilitates dedicated advanced research and education network for the research and education communities of Nepal.

NREN was founded in 2007 by a group of academicians and the professional working in the field of ICT and development sectors after drawing a conclusion that there is a need of high-speed research and education network in Nepal so that research backwardness, due to the lacking of dedicated high-speed network connectivity, can be overcome and hence creates a better research and education environment in terms of connectivity and infrastructure in Nepal.


Vision,mission and objectives


Building knowledge-based society through the uses of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and a high-bandwidth network.


Establishing high speed network connection with national and global Research and Education(R&E) communities.


  • Establish a high-speed research and education network for the development of national computational grid for research and education.
  • Connect universities, colleges and research institutions into a national research and education network and encourage to harness benefits of advanced R&E network.
  • Use Asia Pacific Advanced Network(APAN) network as a primary ICT infrastructure to initiate advanced research in the countries.
  • Establish NREN as a knowledge center to support good ICT initiatives.
  • Undertake necessary facilitation for the development of an advanced networking environment among research and education (R&E) communities in the Asia Pacific Region through APAN.
  • Bridge the resources constraints issues by providing infrastructure support as well as connectivity solution for knowledge and information.
  • Test and implement different network technology and application aiming to reduce emergent issues of nation and the global community.